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Pat Magrath


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From traditional African tribal incantations on nearly every configuration of hand drum imaginable, to blistering “Blitzkrieg” death metal double bass licks on the trap drum set and just about every stop in between, master percussionist Pat Magrath has it covered. No matter the style, tempo, or mood, Pat always seems to have something in his all-encompassing arsenal of rhythmic magic to match the moment to perfection. From driving progressive rock, heavy metal anthems, and manic “Jackhammer” punk to funky fusion, jammin’ jazz, or smooth, stylish R & B chops – Magrath may well be the “Swiss Army Knife” of percussion! 

Pats unwavering commitment to continual study and progression within his field includes a formal music education. First in the “Conservatory of the Arts” in his native St. Louis, MO, he graduated with majors in both music and acting. He subsequently relocated to Los Angeles, CA where he continued to expand his horizons at the renowned Musicians Institute and the Los Angeles Recording Workshop. Magrath soon attained a solid reputation within the Los Angeles music community as a professional percussionist possessing a myriad of diverse skills. 

In addition to this formal music education, Pat has drawn much from “the horses mouth” so to speak, by attending a plethora of master classes and private study sessions with many legendary icons of percussion, including Dave Weckl, Steve Smith, Kenny Aronoff, Rob Carson, and on and on………. 

Pat Magrath does not closet the vast body of knowledge he has amassed however. He shares his more than three decades of commitment and dedication to his craft with a solid core of longtime regular students and through the presentation of numerous educational clinics. 

Pat has invariably performed to a “standing room only” audience of spellbound seasoned and fledgling drummers alike. All are enthralled by his amazingly fluid solo explorations and demonstrations, each of which is a mesmerizing, multi-dimensional journey spanning the spectrum of rhythmic styling. Magrath’s lifelong quest for, and the application of, the many nuances of his chosen art are clearly demonstrated whether he is wowing a live audience utilizing his many years of national and international touring experience with a host of bands or laying down a tight groove in the studio as a seasoned session man. In the world of studio recording, Pat’s extensive technical expertise in the highly specialized fields of multi-microphone setups, infinite tuning tricks and techniques, sight reading and compositional skills, as well as his comfort level with or without a sequencer or click track in the mix, make him a top choice for any band or producer looking for a polished pro when time is money and the meter is ticking. 

Be it on the stage, in the studio, or upon the educational podium passing on the torch of knowledge to a new enthusiastic generation of drummers, Pat Magrath’s passion and mastery of the percussive arts shines through.