Exotic Veneers

Here are just a few examples.  Many more are available and they go in and out of stock at varying times.  You can see more examples under the Exotic heading of Drum Kits and Snare Drums as well as our Designer Series.  Contact us with any specific requests that you have.

Birch Briar face over Birch shell

Ash Burl face over Birch shell

Birch Burl face over Birch shell

Vertical Rosewood face over Cherry shell

Vertical Cherry over Cherry shell

Vertical Nouveau over Cherry Shell

Ebony Ivory face over Mahogany shell

Figured Mahogany face over Mahogany shell

Vertical Spalted Maple face over Mahogany shell

Vertical Oak over Oak shell

Vertical Ambrosia Maple over Oak shell

Padouk face over Oak shell

Vertical Olive Ash face over Walnut shell

Knotty Oak face over Walnut shell

Vertical Santos Rosewood over Walnut shell

Vertical Chestnut over Chestnut shell

Vertical Wenge over Wenge shell

Vertical Beech over Beech shell

Vertical Bubinga face and interior over Mahogany shell

Vertical Padouk face and interior over Maple shell 

These padouk shells have no finish and will turn a deep red when clear-coated.  Padouk oxides which creates this unusual and beautiful effect.