2.3mm Triple Flanged - 2.3mm triple flanged hoops are standard on all Custom Shop drums.  This is a very sturdy and durable hoop that still allows some flex which translates into more resonance from the drum.  A great all-around choice for all drums and that is why we choose it as the standard.

Die Cast - Die cast hoops are extremely thick and rigid.  They raise the pitch of the drum, reduce the sustain, and add a more "metallic" sound to the drum.  For those reasons, we don't recommend them on toms unless you are going for that particular sound.  Our triple flanged hoops are a better choice for an open, resonant sound.  Die Cast hoops can be useful on snare drums for added attack, brightness, and volume.  Available on 8" to 18" drums.

Wood Hoops  with Claws - made from 12-ply 100% Maple.  By replacing metal hoops with wood, a much more natural "woody" tone is achieved.  Warm and resonant, a Spaun drum with wood hoops produces a very sweet sound under the microphone.  Available on 8" to 18" drums.
*Wood hoops are fragile and not recommended on snare drums for heavy hitters.  Consider it like a drum stick, it WILL wear out.  How long depends on how hard and often you hit it (breakage is not covered under warranty).

"Yamaha Style" Super Wood Hoops - thicker and more rigid than our Vintage Wood Hoops, these hoops are not as open and resonant and act almost like a "wood" die cast hoop.  The larger mass raises the pitch and reduces the sustain.  They also add some volume over our Vintage hoops.

Visor Hoops - similar in design to the "Yamaha Style" wood hoop but has a "visor" on the outside that comes down further on the drum.  Same sonic characteristics with a different look.