Spaun "SBR" Solid Brass Resonator Lugs - Minimum Contact, Maximum Resonance
In the tradition of a fine brass horn, we designed our proprietary SBR lug to become an extension of the drum shell, creating a unified body that resonates as one.  They have no hollow cavities like the cheap die cast lugs used by 99% of all other drum companies.  The little "air pockets" in die cast lugs act as sound absorbers in the same way that a double plate glass window does in a recording studio.  That dead air space kills the vibration of the shell and dampens the overall resonance.

Spaun SBR lugs were designed to be small yet sturdy, and they attach to the shell with a single screw to insure minimal contact and maximum resonance of each drum.  Our SBR Solid Brass Resonator Lug is a 2 piece design.  It consists of a solid "body" and a threaded "insert".  We designed our lug this way so that the insert can float within the body. This allows for variances in counter hoops, and insures proper alignment of the tension rod with the lug.  In addition, this design reduces tension rod back-out which plagues simple and cheaper solid lug designs that have no inserts.

Spaun SBR lugs are available in both brass or chrome plated finish as the standard, with a multitude of optional powder coated colors as well.


Spaun "SZR" Solid Zinc Resonator Lugs
Our newly designed SZR Solid Zinc Resonator Lugs are featured on our Tour Series.  This new design is similar to our SBR Solid Brass Lugs, with a slightly smaller footprint and cast from zinc.  As with our SBR Lugs, the new SZR solid body design has no hollow cavities like cheaper cast lugs.  It promotes better resonance from the drum shell and creates a sleek, elegant look.



Vintage Tube Lugs (VTL's)
We also offer our very own VTL Vintage Tube Lug.  Like our proprietary Spaun SBR lug, they are machined from solid brass.  Due to their two point contact to the shell, it does inhibit vibration and reduce the drum's resonance compared to our SBR design.  We use a 1" vintage tube lug on toms and kick drums in an effort to reduce this effect.  Snare drum lug sizes vary depending on the depth of the drum.


Beaver Tail Lugs
For the "Old Skool" look, we offer Beaver Tail Lugs in a variety of sizes and configurations.  Maybe you like the look of our Revolutionary Series with the double ended Beaver Tail lug centered on the shell.  Or maybe you prefer the split lug style of our Jazz Customs.  Either way, you can rest assured that we are ready and willing to create the look and sound you prefer.

For maximum resonance and uniqueness, the Spaun SBR proprietary lug is your best choice and unmatched in the industry.