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MicroKit II-Walnut

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$799 USD
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$1,500 USD
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$799 USD

MicroKit II Shell Pack- 5x12 compact rack tom, 5x14 compact rack tom, 10x16 kick drum.  Walnut/Maple shells feature an inner and outer ply of walnut with a maple core.

Get a great, big sound from a small portable package!  Our MicroKit II expands on our original MicroKit design with an even more compact footprint while maintaining a rich, full sound.  You can easily stack this shell pack in just your bass drum case, include your cymbal bag, and still have room for more!

Features our SBR Solid Brass Resonator Lugs, Double 45 Degree Edges, Vintage Folding Spurs, and Walnut/Maple Shells with a Satin Lacquer Finish.

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