"For drummers who demand quality craftsmanship, uniquely different designs, and above all... superior sound."


Sponsorship and Endorsement Programs.

Here at Spaun Drums, we offer publicly performing drummers and educators the ability to join our team in a more personal type of relationship to help further promote Spaun products and the drummers career, projects, and overall exposure.

Each artist has their own set of circumstances and we take that into consideration. Artists are rated and valued based on the individual's exposure level, including live performances and video performances that reach high exposure rates with measurable results. We also value web site hits and high volume social networking including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and other social networks. Our goal is to help develop an artist who is motivated, has a strong understanding of product branding, genuinely wants to play Spaun Drums and is looking to establish a long-term relationship with our company and A&R team.

SPONSORSHIP: (Development deal)

* Publicly playing 4-10+ times per month regionally

* Opening locally for touring acts, or touring regionally

* Gaining exposure

* Label/industry attention


* Touring Nationally/Internationally full time (artist primary career)

* National/International press/media exposure (via articles, videos etc.)

* Gaining exposure via online videos/performances with 30,000+ subscribers/1mil views

* Major label that is invested financially in the band and/or band is already successful.


* 20+ students (verification required)

* Publicly Performing 8+ shows per month.

To be considered for one of our programs please fill out the online application. If you qualify for one of our programs, you will receive special artist pricing as well as other promotional consideration. Please fill out the application as completely as you can. This is our primary tool for determining where you are at in your career and the level at which we can place you.