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6.5x14 Brass-Satin

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Your going to want to take this drum everywhere you go and you better be in good shape!  Weighing in around 20 lbs, our brass shell is similar to a cast shell but created from 1/8" thick (3mm) sheet brass. Features include our double sided SBR Solid Brass Resonator Lugs, Rounded "Classic" Bearing Edges, Hyper-Sensitive Snare Bed, and Die Cast Hoops. Shell is finished in satin with chrome hardware.  Shown with optional Trick throw off.

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10-12 week estimated build time

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Build Time
Most drum kit and snare drum orders have a 10-12 week average build time. High Gloss Lacquer finishes and Designer Series usually take 2-4 weeks longer.  All build times are estimates and not guaranteed. In stock items (Scymtek Cymbals) will be shipped within 1 or 2 business days.  You can call or email for stock availability and expected build time for your order.
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Customer Reviews

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Gregor Housden
Brass snare drum

This is one of my favorite go to drums in a 6.5 x 14 it's extreme volume works very well for rock and metal type music it's very versatile in low mid and high tuning ranges and anything in between this drum I've used in studio and live settings and I think one of my favorite snares to use its a heavy drum so you really need a sturdy stand for it the look is stunning the brass and chrome go together almost like a fine antique piece and has a sort of steam punk look to it I myself use a remo coated sound control dot batter head with a remo clear ambassador snare bottom with puresound steel 20 strand wires the sound I get out of the drum I feel has more control with those heads and the brass shell really brings out the depth and low end resonance has fairly long sustain but doesn't have alot of those nasty overtones you can tune this drum incredibly high and it never seems to choke the sound this drum also when tuned low it still sounds great without losing any punch as I said before the best part of this drum sound is the volume and cut of the attack especially with doing rim shots mid tuning carries a bit of overtones but I use a sweetspot dampening and it helps to reduce it substantially you can get a very crisp sound out of this drum and even defined ghost notes don't get los the build quality is absolutely amazing the shell perfectly round and bearing edges cut perfect the lugs on it and hardware are above and beyond great and the craftsmanship is of the highest standard this is definitely a drum that will stand the test of time..

Thanks Gregor! We appreciate your review.

The Beast
Versatile huge sound

I played one of these at the Spaun shop and it's the best Rock Snare I've ever heard. It's versatile too. Great ballad drum and overall cutting live drum for all occasions. Heavy! Extremely well made.