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Here's where you create the drum kit of your dreams!

1) Choose your core shell material from more than a dozen woods, or even combine various woods to create your preferred shell type.

2) Add reinforcement rings if you want, using the same core wood or another type.

3) Choose a specialty face veneer (or not), and your preferred grain direction, horizontal or vertical.

4) Choose your sizes

5) Choose your shell finish

6) Choose your lug type

7) Choose your hardware finish

8) Choose to have your own Signature Badge

Yes, lots of choices and maybe too many!  But this is "your creation", your drum kit that virtually nobody else in the world is likely to create!  Get started on yours now.

CLICK HERE to learn about the Sound Characteristics of Different Woods

CLICK HERE to see examples of Exotic Veneers

CLICK HERE to see examples of Core Woods


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