Shell Design

With today's technology, drum shells can be made thinner, free from reinforcement rings, and still maintain their roundness due to advanced manufacturing processes.  At Spaun, we do not use reinforcement rings unless they are requested or we are specifically trying to re-create a vintage drum sound, for example our Vintage Mahogany Series or Vintage Maple Series.  The addition of reinforcement rings into a drum shell will raise the pitch and reduce the sustain.  If you are looking to maximize the resonance and tuning range of your drums, we recommend Spaun shells without reinforcement rings and our proprietary SBR Solid Brass Resonator lug design.

Anything Goes
In a nutshell... our finishes are unlimited! From transparent finishes to solids, satin stains to high gloss lacquers, wild wrap finishes to classic pearls, if you have something in mind, at Spaun Drum Company we can make it happen. Our micro-fine satin finish is the ultimate in transparency, both visually and sonically speaking. The beauty of our premium quality drum shells show through as well as their sonic purity using our exclusive satin finishing process. More durable than a simple oil finish, yet maintaining the same thin and resonant characteristics, this finish is both beautiful and promotes maximum shell vibration.

When you want a high gloss lacquer finish you can expect the best from Spaun. We're not talking about machine applied gloss finishes with all their "ridges and valleys" you see on lower line kits. We're talking about hand applied, hand sanded, hand buffed, "smooth as glass" finishes. From intense graphics like "Stars and Stripes" to any of our stained finishes, or even if you would like to match your favorite car color, our high gloss lacquer is second to none.

For the drummer who demands the road worthiness of a wrap finish or if you simply prefer the classic look of a great sparkle or oyster, our wrapped finishes are the perfect choice. Both the entire shell and material are glued completely and then bonded together using a high pressure rolling machine to create a permanent seal. No cheap, double-stick tape applications here!

With a variety of standard finish choices, as well as custom finishes limited only by your imagination, your quest for "custom" will be satisfied at Spaun.

It's impossible for us to show color samples of everything that we are capable of. If you've seen it somewhere else... on a car, motorcycle, drum kit, etc we can do it. If you can dream it... we can do it. Keep in mind, the samples below are just to get you started.

Paint Finishes- Check out an amazing colorful array of paints

Wrap FinishesGlass glitters, pearls, sparkles, even custom graphics!

Stain Finishes- Available in satin or high gloss, fades or bursts can be added

Exotic Finishes- Beautiful veneers bathed in rich high gloss lacquer or subtle satin


Acrylic Finishes- Various tints and solid colors are available

Spaun "SBR" Solid Brass Resonator Lugs - Minimum Contact, Maximum Resonance
In the tradition of a fine brass horn, we designed our proprietary SBR lug to become an extension of the drum shell, creating a unified body that resonates as one.  They have no hollow cavities like the cheap die cast lugs used by 99% of all other drum companies.  The little "air pockets" in die cast lugs act as sound absorbers in the same way that a double plate glass window does in a recording studio.  That dead air space kills the vibration of the shell and dampens the overall resonance.

Spaun SBR lugs were designed to be small yet sturdy, and they attach to the shell with a single screw to insure minimal contact and maximum resonance of each drum.  Our SBR Solid Brass Resonator Lug is a 2 piece design.  It consists of a solid "body" and a threaded "insert".  We designed our lug this way so that the insert can float within the body. This allows for variances in counter hoops, and insures proper alignment of the tension rod with the lug.  In addition, this design reduces tension rod back-out which plagues simple and cheaper solid lug designs that have no inserts.

Spaun SBR lugs are available in both brass or chrome plated finish as the standard, with a multitude of optional powder coated colors as well.


Spaun "SZR" Solid Zinc Resonator Lugs
Our newly designed SZR Solid Zinc Resonator Lugs are featured on our Tour Series.  This new design is similar to our SBR Solid Brass Lugs, with a slightly smaller footprint and cast from zinc.  As with our SBR Lugs, the new SZR solid body design has no hollow cavities like cheaper cast lugs.  It promotes better resonance from the drum shell and creates a sleek, elegant look.



Vintage Tube Lugs (VTL's)
We also offer our very own VTL Vintage Tube Lug.  Like our proprietary Spaun SBR lug, they are machined from solid brass.  Due to their two point contact to the shell, it does inhibit vibration and reduce the drum's resonance compared to our SBR design.  We use a 1" vintage tube lug on toms and kick drums in an effort to reduce this effect.  Snare drum lug sizes vary depending on the depth of the drum.


Beaver Tail Lugs
For the "Old Skool" look, we offer Beaver Tail Lugs in a variety of sizes and configurations.  Maybe you like the look of our Revolutionary Series with the double ended Beaver Tail lug centered on the shell.  Or maybe you prefer the split lug style of our Jazz Customs.  Either way, you can rest assured that we are ready and willing to create the look and sound you prefer.

For maximum resonance and uniqueness, the Spaun SBR proprietary lug is your best choice and unmatched in the industry.

Bearing Edges - Spaun Double 45 Degree
The most critical part of the drum sound is determined by the bearing edge.  Many drum companies rely on expensive machinery that lacks the perception of the human eye.  At Spaun Drum Company, each bearing edge is cut, checked, double-checked, and re-cut if needed to insure a consistent and flat edge for the drum head to rest on.

What matters most with the bearing edge is how much wood touches the drum head and where it touches.  Many drum companies talk about "X degree angle" on this drum and "Y degree angle" on that drum.  The truth is, that makes no difference in the sound of the drum unless it changes... how much wood touches the drum head and where it touches!  Most drum companies use a single 45 degree bearing edge with a slight round over or counter-cut, if any at all.  It works okay and is easy to program a machine to do the job.  Here's the problem: the bearing edge rests on the collar of the drum head instead of the flat surface of the drum head!

Spaun Drums feature a Double 45 degree Bearing Edge which insures proper drum head alignment and puts the bearing edge where it's supposed to be... on the flat surface of the drum head, not the collar!  This promotes both easier tuning as well as a broader tuning range. Tired of over-tightening your drum heads just to get proper seating?  Now you won't have to!

We know what your thinking... two edges must take twice as much work.  You're right!  It's critical to the sound of your drum, and absolutely worth the extra effort!

Other Bearing Edge Types - Full Round Over, Half Round, and Custom

Our Classic Rounded edge reduces the initial attack of the drum and provides a darker, more subtle voice.  The tone is more "rounded" and less aggressive.  These edges are typical on older, vintage drums.  For this reason, we use this edge on our vintage styled drums like the Jazz Custom, Revolutionary, and Vintage Mahogany/Maple Series.  You can request this edge on any drum, but our Double 45 Degree Edge is standard on our other Series.  If you have a Custom bearing edge request, it's no problem for us to include that on your shells.

Spaun Throw Off and Butt Side

From our standard 8-ply to our massive multi-ply shells, all Spaun snare drums feature the Spaun cast snare strainer and machined aluminum butt side. 
Our sturdy cast strainer provides smooth and quiet performance with excellent throw distance.  The sleekly designed butt side features the Spaun logo etched into the attachment plate.



We also offer these optional throw offs for an additional charge.


Trick throw off


Dunnett throw off

2.3mm Triple Flanged - 2.3mm triple flanged hoops are standard on all Custom Shop drums.  This is a very sturdy and durable hoop that still allows some flex which translates into more resonance from the drum.  A great all-around choice for all drums and that is why we choose it as the standard.

Die Cast - Die cast hoops are extremely thick and rigid.  They raise the pitch of the drum, reduce the sustain, and add a more "metallic" sound to the drum.  For those reasons, we don't recommend them on toms unless you are going for that particular sound.  Our triple flanged hoops are a better choice for an open, resonant sound.  Die Cast hoops can be useful on snare drums for added attack, brightness, and volume.  Available on 8" to 18" drums.

Wood Hoops  with Claws - made from 12-ply 100% Maple.  By replacing metal hoops with wood, a much more natural "woody" tone is achieved.  Warm and resonant, a Spaun drum with wood hoops produces a very sweet sound under the microphone.  Available on 8" to 18" drums.
*Wood hoops are fragile and not recommended on snare drums for heavy hitters.  Consider it like a drum stick, it WILL wear out.  How long depends on how hard and often you hit it (breakage is not covered under warranty).

"Yamaha Style" Super Wood Hoops - thicker and more rigid than our Vintage Wood Hoops, these hoops are not as open and resonant and act almost like a "wood" die cast hoop.  The larger mass raises the pitch and reduces the sustain.  They also add some volume over our Vintage hoops.

Visor Hoops - similar in design to the "Yamaha Style" wood hoop but has a "visor" on the outside that comes down further on the drum.  Same sonic characteristics with a different look.

Spaun drums feature premium quality Evans drumheads.  We have different combinations of drum heads for each Series.  Each Spaun drum series is matched with the best possible head combination for that series (in our opinion).  We understand that each drummer has their "preferred" head choice but we have taken numerous steps testing and trying out various combinations to create a great sound "right out of the box."  We do accept requests for different combinations of the various models we offer.
  Custom, Recording, Exotic, Tour Series Acrylic, Hybrid Series Jazz, Revolutionary, Mahogany, Walnut Series LED Series
Tom Batter Evans G2 Clear Evans G2 Clear Evans G2 Coated Evans G2 Coated
Tom Resonant Evans G1 Clear Evans G1 Clear Evans G1 Clear Evans G1 Coated
Kick Batter Evans EMAD Evans EMAD Evans EMAD Coated Evans EMAD Coated
Kick Resonant Evans EQ3 Black or White, Remo F3 Evans EQ1 Clear Evans EQ3 Black or White, Remo F3 Translucent White
Snare Batter Evans G2 Coated Evans G2 Coated Evans G2 Coated Evans G2 Coated
Snare Resonant Evans 300 Hazy Evans 300 Hazy Evans 300 Hazy Evans 300 White/Frosted