Terms and Conditions

All sales/orders are final.  Because our products are custom and made-to-order, either  full payment in advance or a non-refundable deposit is required to start production of your order.  The balance is due before your order ships.  Orders that are not paid in full within 15 days of completion are considered abandoned and become the property of Spaun Drum Company Inc.  If you are making payments towards your order and you stop making those payments or do not make a payment within 15 days of the request, your order will be considered abandoned as well. Any deposits and/or payments will not be refunded.  Orders cannot be changed during production time unless authorized by Spaun Drum Company.

Build Time
Most drum kit and snare drum orders have a 10-12 week average build time.  High Gloss Lacquer finishes usually take 2-4 weeks longer.  All build times are estimates and not guaranteed.  In stock items will be shipped within 2 or 3 business days.  You can call or email for stock availability and expected build time for your order.

Payment Methods
We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, Bank Checks, Money Orders, and Wire Transfers.  Below is a list of payment options during checkout and how that option will be handled-

Credit Card and other Payment Methods
Credit Card
- your card will immediately be charged the FULL AMOUNT via Shopify Payments gateway.

Partial Deposit- we will contact you to arrange a deposit before we start your order.  The balance plus shipping costs will be due shortly before your order ships.  We are not required to contact you for authorization prior to charging the balance due when you pay via credit card.  When you select this payment option, you agree to these terms.  If you are outside the US or your billing address does not match your shipping address, we may need to contact you for a photo ID or more information regarding your card details.

EZ4Pay- We will contact you to arrange a 25% deposit the day you place the order, 25% deposit @ 30 days, 25% deposit @ 60 days, 25% final charge @ 90 days or time of shipping if earlier. Before choosing this payment method, please read the terms of our EZ 4Pay Plan.

PayPal- you will be redirected to the PayPal site where you will log in and pay the FULL AMOUNT, or choose other options depending on your account standing with PayPal.  PayPal is accepted from "verified buyers" with a "confirmed address" and must be eligible under the PayPal Seller Protection Policy.  We reserve the right to request additional information or cancel the order if you do not meet these requirements.  You can check the FAQ at PayPal.com for info on becoming a "verified buyer" with a "confirmed address" and an explanation of transactions that are eligible under the PayPal Seller Protection Policy.

Bank Transfers, Zelle, Venmo- After you complete the checkout process, we will provide you the details for making the payment.

For security purposes, we may require a signed Credit Card Authorization Form and photo ID for orders that are not shipped to the billing address of the card, as well as orders shipping outside the US.  This helps us to protect you, our valued customers, from credit card fraud.  If authorization is not given for any reason, we reserve the right to cancel the order.

Shipping Costs
Shipping costs are estimates. We reserve the right to increase shipping costs if necessary.  Any drum larger than an 18x22 will be considered “super over-sized” by most carriers and typically costs an additional $50-75 in the continental USA.  Outside the continental USA and international shipments would be higher.  In cases where we need to increase the shipping costs, you will be notified of the new cost and given the opportunity to accept it or cancel your order.

International Orders
All international orders are subject to duties and taxes as determined by the country of destination (your country).  These charges are the responsibility of the receiving party (you) and will be determined by customs officials when your shipment arrives.  There is no way for us to calculate what that cost will be.  Contact customs officials in your country to determine the charges for importing musical drums from the USA.  We will not falsify invoices or shipping labels under any circumstances.  Please don't ask us to!  If your country is not an option in the checkout process, it’s likely we just cannot ship to your country at this time.

No returns are accepted unless due to manufacturing defects or shipping damage.  We do not have a demo period in which you can test the item and return it.  All returns MUST have a return authorization number (RA #) or it WILL BE REFUSED.  You can call us or email us to obtain one.  Any cost for return shipping is the responsibility of the customer and all returns are subject to evaluation.  When we receive your item, it will be evaluated to determine if the problem is due to a manufacturing defect or some other cause.  If a manufacturing defect is concluded, we will repair or replace the item as quickly as possible at no charge.  If the problem is not due to a manufacturing defect, we will contact you with the cost for repair or replacement of the item.  See our warranty section to determine what is or is not covered by our warranty and for any returns related to warranty issues.

Damaged Returns
Please keep in mind that once your order is shipped it becomes the property of the buyer.  We are not responsible for lost or damaged packages, the carrier is.  If a shipment arrives at your door with obvious shipping damage, please refuse the delivery.  If you have already accepted delivery and then find shipping damage, please contact us immediately by phone or email for instructions.  If you receive damaged merchandise, please save all packaging material and paperwork -- do not throw anything away!  If you attempt to return the merchandise yourself, you jeopardize the chances of making a claim, and you may not receive credit for the return.  Credit or replacements will be issued once the carrier approves and pays the damage claim.

Spaun drums and hardware carry a one year warranty against any manufacturing defect from the original date of purchase.  All electronics, including LEDs, controllers, and power supplies have a warranty of 30 days.  Our warranty does not apply to the following:  a) Improper maintenance or repair, including the installation of parts or components that do not conform to the quality and specification of the original.  b)  Items that have been altered, modified or have been damaged through misuse, negligence or improper operation.  c)  Items with badge or serial numbers changed or removed.  d)  Items subjected to abnormal strain, neglect, abuse, modification or exposure to extreme variances in temperature or humidity.  e) Special Finishes - all plating including, but not limited to, Gold plating, Satin Chrome, Black Nickel, Powder Coating, and lacquered finishes. Each are highly sensitive to cosmetic damage that can occur during normal handling and use. Plating and Powder Coating often have minor imperfections due to the coating process and these imperfections are considered within tolerance. Plating and powder coating can and will wear off. Particularly on snare drums from rim shots or anywhere it is struck or rubbed against. Therefore, no warranty of any kind, is provided against cosmetic defects or appearance to these finishes. f) LED double stick tape can lose adhesion dependent on weather conditions, exposure to direct sunlight, shipping, handling, or other factors.  Any loss of adhesion is not covered by warranty and is easily rectified by the end user with reinstallation using new double stick tape.  g) Threads- on lugs, clamps, and all hardware are not covered against cross-threading or stripping.  h) Color matching to previously made drums is not guaranteed, we will do our best to get close.  i) Striped finishes can be imperfect at the seam and have an acceptable tolerance of 1/4".  j) Wood hoops are fragile and not recommended on snare drums for heavy hitters. Consider it like a drum stick, it WILL wear out.  How long it lasts depends on how hard and often you hit it and breakage is not covered under warranty.  If you need warranty service, call or email us for instructions on how to do so.

Price and/or Description Changes
All prices, pictures, and descriptions on this site are subject to change.  We maintain no responsibility for inadvertent errors.  Spaun Drum Company reserves the right to correct any price miscalculations on orders and we are not obligated to fulfill orders placed where incorrect pricing issues arise.

Disclosure of Information
We do not sell, rent, or loan your information to third parties without your permission.  For example, we do not sell your email address or other information to mass marketers.

Privacy Protection for Children
In compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), we do not knowingly provide our service to persons under the age of 18.

Security Procedures
This site has built-in security measures to protect your information from loss, misuse, and alteration.  We use industry-standard practices, such as encrypted storage and password protection systems, to safeguard the confidentiality of information.