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Scymtek Modern 20" Ride

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Scymtek - 100% Hand-Hammered, Hand-Crafted, Premium B20 Bronze Alloy

Bright, Shimmering, and Full-Bodied - our Modern Series is designed for today's contemporary drummer looking for a brighter voice, rich in musical tones.  100% Hand-Hammered, there's a rich and complex tonal spectrum you are sure to appreciate.  Sensitive to the touch, yet ready to explode on a moment's notice, our Modern Series has the perfect blend of warmth and brightness.  Tighter lathing and a striking brilliant finish create a crisp and full voice suited for today's modern musical landscapes.  Compare to Zildjian A Custom, Sabian AAX, Paiste Twenty.

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All Scymteks are usually in stock. Call, text, or email if you would like to confirm current availability.