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Jazz Retro 3pc 28" Kick

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Shell Pack- 9x12 rack tom, 14x16 floor tom, 14x28 kick drum.  Aged White Pearl with Chrome Hardware.

Even more retro styling than our typical Jazz Custom kits, this setup features center mounted Beaver Tail Lugs on the rack tom and massive 14x28 kick drum.  Clip on bass drum spurs, Mahogany stained bass drum hoops with matching inlays, and 9mm floor tom legs.

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10-12 week estimated build time

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Build Time
Most drum kit and snare drum orders have a 10-12 week average build time. High Gloss Lacquer finishes and Designer Series usually take 2-4 weeks longer.  All build times are estimates and not guaranteed. In stock items (Scymtek Cymbals) will be shipped within 1 or 2 business days.  You can call or email for stock availability and expected build time for your order.
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