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6.5x14 Brass-Patina

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Your going to want to take this drum everywhere you go and you better be in good shape!  Weighing in around 20 lbs, our brass shell is similar to a cast shell but created from 1/8" thick (3mm) sheet brass. Features include our double sided SBR Solid Brass Resonator Lugs, Rounded "Classic" Bearing Edges, Hyper-Sensitive Snare Bed, and Die Cast Hoops. Shell is finished in a very cool Blue-Green-Copper patina with chrome hardware.

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10-12 week estimated build time

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Build Time
Most drum kit and snare drum orders have a 10-12 week average build time. High Gloss Lacquer finishes and Designer Series usually take 2-4 weeks longer.  All build times are estimates and not guaranteed. In stock items (Scymtek Cymbals) will be shipped within 1 or 2 business days.  You can call or email for stock availability and expected build time for your order.
Call or text- (909) 596-5200

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Customer Reviews

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This snare is an absolute BEAST! It has an awesome tuning range without the overtones you can often times get from a brass drum (maybe the 1/8" of brass and great craftmanship have something to do with this- I don't know). The diecast hoops really focus the tone. The sound is absolutely AMAZING! Currently tuned in a mid range, this snare kicks you in the chest! Cuts through all the noise.
Weighing in at about 20lbs this thing is heavy so make sure you lift with your legs when putting it on your STURDY basket!
Brian knocked it out of the park with the rough patina finish- it looks GREAT behind my Spaun Drums Silver Glass Custom Maple Kit! This snare will definitely see all my gigs!
Thanks Brian Spaun and all of you at Spaun Drum Drum Co!

Hi Homero, thanks for your review! We are happy to know your SPAUN snares and drum kit are working well for you.